A Gathering of People

Redemption is a new church that is passionate about gathering for worship, growing in the Word, and sharing the message of redemption through Jesus. We are made up of young and old, married and singles, military and civilians. We are a Bible-based church because that is where we discover our salvation and the grace God gives to people. We know we aren’t perfect. We know we mess up–and not just in small ways. That is why we need a Savior from our sin. God has sent that Savior in his Son Jesus. We are here to bring this message of grace and salvation to Watertown and Fort Drum.

We Rejoice

Sunday service is when we gather to hear about God’s grace. We will hear about God’s love and his forgiveness. We will hear about the life and work of his Son Jesus. Because of God’s favor shown to us in Jesus we gather to rejoice and praise God.

We Renew

The Bible is the power of God and will draw us closer to him. We gather around the Word as groups and individually to be renewed for life in Watertown. We put the Word to use throughout the week so that our faith will be fed and grow.

We Relate

We live in our Watertown to demonstrate Christ’s love for people in our lives. We love people because God loves people. And we will encourage one another as well as the people in our community with God’s message of forgiveness.

Global Partnership

Our church is part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. That means we are a part of the third largest Lutheran church body in the United States. We are a network of 1300 congregations and about 390,000 people. This group of churches allows us to do things together that we can’t do on our own like train future pastors and teachers and do mission work anywhere from Watertown, NY to Lilongwe, Malawi.