We all need Redemption

It might be a hard thing to admit, but it is true. We can try to convince ourselves otherwise. We might tell ourselves that we aren’t that bad. We all have people we know that are worse than we are. If we mess up, we might tell ourselves that we will do better next time. For example, if you say something to someone you shouldn’t have you might do something to make it up to them. We even just tell ourselves we have to try harder at being a good person. But the problem with all of these things is that our sin problem persists. We all need redemption from this sin problem.

That is why Jesus Christ came into this world. He came as our redeemer–our rescuer. He came to live perfectly for us in our place. But he also came to pay the punishment our sin deserves. Because we are in a state of sin we cannot live up to God’s demand for us to be perfect. However, God could not bear the thought of our eternal destruction. So he sent his Son, Jesus, to die a death that we will never have to die. Jesus though wasn’t just a person. He is God in the flesh. He conquered death by rising victoriously from his grave. Because he rose, our sin is paid for, eternal life is ours, and we have been brought into the family of God. Redemption is yours.

This message is what we preach and teach at Redemption.

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