Worship Service

First Sunday of the Month – 4 pm      All other Sundays – 10 am

Our worship services last about  an hour and they entirely revolve around Jesus. In worship we sing songs (some old and some new), we confess our sins and receive forgiveness, we pray, we hear God’s word in Scripture readings and in the sermon, and we receive God’s blessing. Our worship follows an order of service that connects us to Christians of long ago while applying Scripture to the people of today.

When you come to worship you might sing a song that was sung by Christians 1500 years ago or a hymn that was sung 500 years ago. A lot has changed in the world between then and now, but one thing hasn’t: people’s need for God’s forgiveness. At Redemption, you will hear the message of God’s forgiveness every Sunday.


Every service begins “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This a reminder for all present that we have come into God’s presence.


Since we have come into a perfect God’s presence to worship him, we humbly acknowledge our sins to him and then get to hear his proclamation that each and every one of our sins has been forgiven. It’s included in every service because we can never hear those amazing and comforting words too often.


In response to the forgiveness given so freely to us, we join our voices in a song of praise to God. Sometimes the song is a hymn, other times it is an historical song of praise sung by Christians of preceding generations.


We pray with one voice a prayer which fits with the theme for the day.


We hear three scripture readings. The first reading is usually taken from the Old Testament. We get to see that the problem of sin and the need for God’s forgiveness is common to all times. The second lesson is usually taken from the Epistles—the part of the New Testament after the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Typically these readings apply directly to the believer’s life. The final reading is from one of the Gospels which tell us about the life of Jesus.


We will responsively recite a Psalm (a type of poetic song originally written in Hebrew). For 3,000 years believers have worshiped God by singing and reciting Psalms.


The pastor preaches a message based on one of the lessons or the gospel for the day. The sermon declares God’s grace to us and teaches how God’s Word applies to our daily life.


After the sermon we proclaim what we believe—what the Christian Church has always believed. To do that we use the words of the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds—both of which have been used in the Christian Church for almost two millennia.


We join to pray to God about specific joys and troubles in our congregation and for Christians around the world. We then pray the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, the Lord’s Prayer.


We leave worship receiving the same blessing that God gave to the ancient Israelites.