Whether you have been part of a church for your entire life or have never stepped foot in a church before, this class is a way to study the basic teachings of the Bible and ask questions. In this class you will learn about the foundational teachings of the Bible.  This class focuses on 4 key topics: sin, grace, faith, and works. We will see what God says about each and how each topic impacts your life.

Beginning Christianity

Beginning Christianity is a class both for those who would like to become a member of Redemption and those who would like to grow in their faith. This class is led by our pastor and is 13 lessons long. In it you will take an in depth look at the the key teachings of the Bible, learn what Redemption teaches, and discover what it means to be a member of Redemption.

Midweek Bible Study

COMING SOON Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Midweek Bible Study is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the section of the Bible the Sunday Sermon covered. The class is lead by Pastor Aaron and is Livestreamed so that you can easily access it from home.

Sunday Bible Study


Adult Bible Study is lead by Pastor Aaron Goetzinger. It is a great opportunity to grow in faith. Classes range between covering specific topics to specific books of the Bible.

Childern’s Sunday school


We value teaching children God’s Word at Redemption. All Children are invited Sunday school where they will hear Bible Stories, sign songs, and make crafts which reinforce the lesson. Sunday school is lead by Redemption volunteers.